Damn, I lost my USB drive today.

I worked on all the honors shit in there too, and it’s like my back up harddrive for my laptop. The whole essay is  due monday. I spent the WHOLE period editing the shit and because of the clock in the computer lab was like 10 minutes late, my class had to rush for it.

I mean, I do blame it’s my fault for leaving it behind, but I don’t like how someone found it they didn’t give it to the teacher or report it or SOMETHING. I can imagine it, right now. Some bastard looking over to his left to his friend with a smirk like, “Look at this nigga, -snatches-mines now!” (By the way, there’s no such thing as MINES). 

What’s even worse is that whatever class was in the room after was an HONORS/AP class. I would atleast expect someone from a class like that to be fuckign sensible. They should know the hard work one deals with. If I’m going to AP classes next year, am I gonna be like that? Fuck no.

Sometimes I really do hate the people at my school. Like srsly, they have some fucking nerve to steal shit and claim it theirs. I worked hard on my stuff. If they delete anything, I’d just cry. It’s not just a USB, its MY hard work put into that thing, something I actually tried for.

If ANYONE has seen a USB drive (black with a light blue strand)—That’s fucking MINE. It’d be mad obvious if my files in their had my name on it.

I hate theives. I see not a sense of justice at all.

  • 03.19.10