Damn, I lost my USB drive today.

I worked on all the honors shit in there too, and it’s like my back up harddrive for my laptop. The whole essay is  due monday. I spent the WHOLE period editing the shit and because of the clock in the computer lab was like 10 minutes late, my class had to rush for it.

I mean, I do blame it’s my fault for leaving it behind, but I don’t like how someone found it they didn’t give it to the teacher or report it or SOMETHING. I can imagine it, right now. Some bastard looking over to his left to his friend with a smirk like, “Look at this nigga, -snatches-mines now!” (By the way, there’s no such thing as MINES). 

What’s even worse is that whatever class was in the room after was an HONORS/AP class. I would atleast expect someone from a class like that to be fuckign sensible. They should know the hard work one deals with. If I’m going to AP classes next year, am I gonna be like that? Fuck no.

Sometimes I really do hate the people at my school. Like srsly, they have some fucking nerve to steal shit and claim it theirs. I worked hard on my stuff. If they delete anything, I’d just cry. It’s not just a USB, its MY hard work put into that thing, something I actually tried for.

If ANYONE has seen a USB drive (black with a light blue strand)—That’s fucking MINE. It’d be mad obvious if my files in their had my name on it.

I hate theives. I see not a sense of justice at all.

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Take a look.

When you’re on aim.

Like, slowly scroll down your buddy list and look at their status’.

tell me, how do they make you feel?

I envy those who express their love.

I’m confused on those who just put one letter.

I laugh at the most creative ones, but become jealous that I’ve never thought of that.

I wonder why sometimes it’s just so simple, but is there a meaning?

I think about what I should put for myself.

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Defining Inspiration: Changed My Life; New York.

Feel free to unfollow me if you think this is too long or whatever. I’m gonna put myself on punishment because for some odd reason, my mother didn’t. She put me on a really light punishment for something really big that I did..she didn’t even yell at me. But, seeing her cry, my grandmother cry,…


But, I do wonder how that felt…

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to break is but a release.


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I think at least 3 guys like me.

not being concieted, but.. I’m afraid

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Today was interesting.

It was parent teachers confrence today :O

I had alot of nice comments, but I couldn’t join my mom in the convo with my teachers :(. I helped out a lot today! Even with the freshman’s teachers!

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Show some more respect for girls, their just as human as you are.

(via pfourpaul)

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Me and Anthonycq Are Talking About..


How every single person on Tumblr isn’t who they say they are. People on here all try to show the internet that they’re better than what they are in reality. That’s the thing with people on the internet, they choose the side they want you to see. Whether it be the sweet and sensitive side or the athletic and funny side, I don’t know. Also, people on here are all horny. Don’t lie..

 I’ve promised myself to be myself. So I not true that EVERY SINGLE PERSON on tumblr is fake.

Maybe a few, sure. But it’s their blog, their thing, their own place and a place where they can either be themselves, or the person they want to be. c:

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"All the small town people with their big remarks
They aint got jack to say about my movie star
she’s got style, da da da daaa…
`cause girl, you got style."

— shesgotstyle—nsn

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